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  • Galaxy clusters caught in the first moment of collision

    For the first time, astronomers have found two giant clusters of galaxies that are just about to collide. Since large scale structures in the Universe, like galaxies and clusters of galaxies, are thought to grow by collisions and mergers, this observation can be seen as a missing ‘piece of the puzzle’ in our understanding of the formation of structure in the Universe.

  • Poles apart: Determining the polarity of GaN nanowires and its influence on their light emission

    A recent paper in Nano Letters from the Semiconductor Spectroscopy and Devices group presents a method to non-destructively determine polarity in a statistically significant number of 3D nanostructures and to directly correlate the polarity to light emitting properties. 

  • Hybrid Plasma Accelerators make a Wave

    Plasma wakefield-based accelerators, driven either by intense laser pulses or intense particle beams, can generate compact and high quality electron bunches for various applications.


  • Wed

    Physics Business Breakfast - Knowledge Transfer: a Physics Perspective

    The University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics has a strong applied focus feeding research into industry and development. The event will look at different options and pathways for Knowledge Transfer, with presentations from:

    • Dr Derek Peden, Innovations Manager at Design LED Products
    • Andrew Kinnear, Business Development Officer at the West of Scotland KTP Centre
    • Richard Patrick, Head of Business Development at TMD Technologies Ltd

    Registration 8.15am, presentations from 8.30am

  • Wed

    John Anderson Research Colloquia

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